Meet The Team

Casianna S.

My name is Casianna S., I am currently the Executive Manager of Operations for TCMS. I have been with TCMS for over a year and it definitely has a positive impact on my life! Before TCMS I was (& still am) a nurse and was in the medical field for 9 years. I have learned a lot of skills from nursing that I brought with me to TCMS. During my transition from nursing to sales, I chose to take a bet on myself and try something new, so I committed to TCMS full time. I love to challenge myself daily and learn new things; TCMS allows me to do both.

Deanna R.

My name is Deanna R.. I am currently an Accounting Specialist for TCMS. My job is to make sure everyone gets paid on time, I love it. I started with TCMS as an assistant to the payroll department in October 2021, and I acquired the payroll department in February. Prior to working in this field, I was a craft bartender, but when covid happened, that path ended. Working for TCMS has been such a blessing to me. I have the most amazing team, I enjoy my job, AND I can work anywhere! (As long as there is an internet connection) this allows for flexibility, and a sense of peace, and fulfilment in my life. Being a part of this team has changed my life, truly, and I am so grateful for each and every one of you.

Stephanie A.

My name is Stephanie A., I am currently the Compliance Officer for TCMS. I find the work here very rewarding. Before my employment at TCMS, I worked in accounting for over 8 years. I use many of the skills learned from my previous work in my roles here today. My passions are my children, cooking and travelling. ​

Mecia W.

My name is Mecia W., I am an Onboarding Specialist for TCMS. I have been with TCMS for a little over six months now. Prior to TCMS, I’ve worked in a number of positions with BMW Financial Services in Columbus, OH. I’m originally from Cleveland and lived in Columbus for the last 6 years, now I’m back! My strengths include customer service, solving problems in the most efficient way I can, and finding information. During my time with TCMS, I’ve appreciated the understanding that we are all human and life happens at any given moment, but knowing that I have a team behind me that has supported me when I’ve needed it most has made a huge difference. 🙂​

Stephanie K.

My name is Stephanie K., And I am an Onboarding Specialist for TCMS. I have been with TCMS for around a year now and I am proud to say that! Prior to working for TCMS, I had worked in an office for 8 years and had about 2 years of sales experience, so this position came very naturally to me. I have a passion for helping others and working here allows me the opportunity to do that and be part of something that is changing lives for the better every single day. I take pride in my work and enjoy learning along the way.

Terrell W.
Terrell Wesley is a communication specialist with 20 plus years in sales and retail experience. A Cleveland native and Youngstown State University graduate with a Bachelors of Arts in communications. Terrell also attended Shanghai University school of Business where he learned more about doing business amongst different cultures.
“As one of the founding pioneers in TC, it was important that we created a culture in which individuals could thrive and still be the best version of themselves.”
Since day one Terrell has found ways to push the needle and spread TC culture across the country! More importantly Terrell has found ways to inspire, motivate and coach others at the highest level to succeed in TC and in their personal life.
“TC has provided me the opportunity to help others from all walks of life to take their financial destiny in their own hands.”
“We are about building leaders and creating opportunities where there are none!”
Tyree W.

Tyree Wesley is a successful business consulting professional, with an emphasis in telecommunications. He started as a door-to-door salesman in Cleveland, OH and worked his way up to creating his own business in less than a year. When he was working door to door, he found himself searching for more. He was the top salesman in the country for his company but didn’t feel that he was in an environment that promoted growth. He decided to take the industry into my own hands, and create a transparent, trustworthy, and truly connected empire of his own.

“I created TC Mobile Solutions with the hope of creating an environment for my agents that promoted not only their successes but their journey to leadership. In the last two years we have brought on over five hundred agents and been a key part on their journey of becoming successful entrepreneurs. We provide a culture at TC that is unmatched by our competitors. We are a family, and I pride myself in the environment and growth opportunities that I have been able to provide my agents. While we are still a fairly young company, the accomplishments we are building will outlive all of us.” -Tyree Wesley

“If you give a man a fish, you feed him for a day. If you teach a man to fish, you feed him for a lifetime.”

About TC Mobile Solutions


After nearly a decade in the industry, TC Mobile Solutions has become a family, team driven organization providing some of the easiest in-person and online opportunities in the world. Our team is dedicated to providing Americans with the easiest access to free lifeline government cellphones. We have everything you need to become a successful agent/team member – and our team is here to walk you every step of the way


We offer competitive compensation/commission (plus bonuses) for every free phone given to eligible American citizens on government assistance programs. There are no obligations or while being apart of our team. Earn commission anytime/anywhere you want, in-person or online! Our average team member earns $700 per week while having six figure growth opportunities available right in front of them.

Why Us?

To earn money with TC Mobile Solutions you will need to be able to convert leads into customers (in person or online) at no cost to you – or the customer, we offer a free service/product. We have some of the fastest onboarding systems within the industry, and our team is standing by to assist you step-by-step through our training program. TCMS is serving all states in America, and we offer optional traveling opportunities within the country – as well as other incentives, and bonuses based on individual performance!